Happy Halloween review of Rise of the Horde, By Christie Golden

Okay. So I know I promised to review Maestro by R.A. Salvatore as my next review, except… Problems happened. Ya see, Hero just released and I jumped right on that, and shortly thereafter realized I remember precisely two things about Maestro. Baubles.Gromph Baenre touching himself. Yeah. That last scene stuck with me. My daughter alsoContinue reading “Happy Halloween review of Rise of the Horde, By Christie Golden”

Bound by a Dragon, by Linda K. Hopkins

It’s about time for another review! I think I’m behind… Well, when am I not, but I actually forgot to get my review up for the last Drizzt book, Maestro, and the next book in that collection is coming out next month! I’ll get a review of Maestro up before the next book is released, I promise.Continue reading “Bound by a Dragon, by Linda K. Hopkins”